About Us

Drop Media founder James Adamson’s vision is simple, create visionary media content for outdoor brands with a backpack and a camera; ropes, bikes, skis and parachutes optional.

[  philosophy  ]

When a person finds heart and soul in a photograph, it’s in the gradient.

People say to look at the big picture. We prefer to focus on what makes the big picture big. Details are everything.

We believe the same gradient philosophy can apply to ideas.

Base Camp - Version 4

[ who we are ]

We know what it takes creatively and technically to get the perfect shot, because we’re there in the trenches. We are fully outfitted, outdoor filmmakers.

From preproduction to the final cut, Drop Media is proud to offer clients full-scope production services or act as a collaborative partner. Our experience allows for a fresh style; helping you visualize your media content before it’s created.